About Us


TCE 3D provides realistic site specific 3D rendering services for interior and exteriors to a variety of clients.

We can create renderings tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We specialize in creating photo realistic images either completely simulated or superimposed on existing imagery for an even more realistic perspective. Our rendering techniques can apply specific textures to match existing materials or help you see what the finished product will look like.

We often collaborate with architects and/or developers to create quality presentation materials to be used in regulatory approval processes and public hearings.  By showing what a project will actually look like in the context of the existing site and its surroundings we find greater success and fewer design iterations are necessary saving valuable time and money.

At Trudell Consulting Engineers we use these renderings to present our own projects throughout Vermont and we have developed TCE 3D services to help others regardless of their location. We believe the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true, and our client benefit tremendously from the power of our renderings and illustrations. If you want to visualize or promote your next project, let TCE 3D rendering help you speak volumes!

Nate Colllins, 3D Renderer

Nate Collins, 3D Design and Visualization Specialist

Nate started working for the CAD department at Trudell Consulting Engineers in 2008, and his journey into renderings began a few years later when assisting with 2D renderings on a Landscape Architecture project. While useful in the realm of AutoCAD and for speculative designs, the world of 3D renderings presented new and exciting possibilities. A 3D rendering offers a more scientific model with the option of multiple vantage points. Nate saw this opportunity and took initiative. That, coupled with his desire to learn, has propelled Nate into fluency in 3D modeling and animation – all while being completely self-taught.

He’s not just talented with screens, however. Nate has always had an inclination toward art, and you’re likely to spot one of his chalkboard creations around the TCE offices. When he’s not rendering or drawing, you’d most likely find Nate exploring in the woods with his dog.